365 Happy Days!


Way to take my plan away :joy:I wanted day 330 to be that I had the 1600th topic :joy::joy:


Day 330: I had someone tell me I looked like I’d lost 15 pounds today and that made me feel good!


Awe I’m sorry. I saw it after I posted my first one and didn’t think twice about it


Haha it’s ok. I’m just gonna appreciate that 438 (now 9) of them are me. The next closest is Chloe with 109


Day 331: my bedroom looks like a bedroom again! Today I unpacked and sorted through my clothes from college


My mom’s birthday: May 13/Saturday

Mother’s Day: May 14/Sunday

Ideas: nothing as big as what she deserves.

My sister: zero help. :unamused:


332: I picked up an 8 hour shift I wasn’t supposed to have. I’m exhausted (and still have 4 hours) but i love working.


333: my sweet baby Bella. She may be 90 lbs but she’ll happily climb into my lap when I’m upset/sick


Or just sit still long enough for her to do so? :slight_smile:


Haha that’s very true. At that particular moment however I was upset because of something happening on greys anatomy and I’m sick.


334: I went to a baby shower today!


335: I’m getting a ptx decal for George! (My car)


336: I had brunch with my grandmother and my aunt that lives in Ohio today!


337: move live on tour!! It was so good and I’m so happy!! Also they danced to the daft punk medley! It was so cool to have my 2 favorites merged into one!


I’m playing Roblox with my brother and his girlfriend and we’re just messing around like crazy :joy:


I missed yesterday oops…
337: I was still so happy from the night before!
338: I mailed a twitter friend something and she finally got it (it’s literally been a month we were beginning to think it was lost) and is happy so it makes me happy!


We traded in my car today and bought a van!!


Pretty! Hopefully you will have many years of trouble free enjoyment from it.


I might have a girlfriend… So yeah


339: Break a little.