365 Happy Days!


Day 346: it may only be 9:30 am but Kirstin liked my tweet! I’ve never had her notice me on social media so it made me super excited!!! Not sure anything could top that today


347: I got hand soap from bath and body works today!


I got a tattoo for my 18th birthday


That’s so cute!! I love it!!


348: I had ribs for dinner!!


1: i got 93% on a big science test!


Way to go brainiac!


349: today I went and saw the new pirates of the Caribbean movie!


Thank you!!! :smile: :heart:


ohhhh sis is it good??? (i need to know)


Oh my gosh yes!!! I loved it!!!


ugh, i need to see it I’m a sucker for pirates of the Caribbean!


It’s amazing!! Like 10/10 would see again


2: I talked to my friends!


350: I finished this weeks assignments for school and got an a! I currently have a 101 in the class!!


So I’ve been looking at this picture a lot for the past couple of days. Scott’s looks so hot with rose designs and Mitch is absolutely beautiful…as always.


It’s pride month starting today! (for me at least :joy:)


351: I went swimming today! Ok really I floated on a float in the pool getting sun but same thing. Also I had really good pizza for lunch




352: it’s national donut day so I got a free donut from Dunkin’!