365 Happy Days!


So in 6 days I’m going to D.C. To March in the Pride March and going to the pride parade :rainbow_flag:


4: Went on a shopping spree :blush: very very rare event (VERY) and it was amazing!!!


Is the parade Saturday or?? (I’m gonna be there Saturday!)


353: I cleaned my room today! I love when my room is cleaned! It makes me so happy!
Edit: even better than a clean room Kevin replied to my tweet!!! I’m at work and almost cried! I’m shaking so much I almost dropped someone’s food :joy::joy:


Either the 10th or 11th. I think 10th. Whatever is the other is is the festival


Oh ok. Thank you. The 10th is when I’ll be there briefly. (Making a pit stop on the way to Connecticut)


5: we went to see a dogs purpose and i crriiieeeedddddd


Such a good movie!!!


354: I’ve been rewatching Gilmore girls and I love it! Also I’m finally feeling human again. I was miserable the past couple of days.


355: I watched movies and relaxed today just cuddling with my puppies.


6: my friend apologised for being mean to me


Day 356: my dad randomly called wanting to take me out to lunch at Chick-fil-A today! Now anyone who knows me knows Chick-fil-A is my absolute favorite thing (like I’m a member of the secret VIP club the manager has to invite you to) also now of y’all know that my dad and I don’t have that guy I’d of a relationship. The fact that he wanted to spend time with me and buy me my favorite food makes me so happy! Also t-4 days until vacation!!


7: I started learning asl!


357: I FaceTimed my roommate today! It’s weird going from living with someone to not seeing them for four months. I miss her!


Better to be away from someone you’re now missing that to have spent all that time with someone you’re now thankful to be away from. Hopefully y’all will reunite in the fall.


Very true. Yes we are actually living together again in the fall!


8: I stayed at home bc i was sick and got to finish an assignment!


Day 119: my laundry is almost finished.


Kira!!! I’ve missed you!!!


OMG UR BACK :heart: :hugging: