365 Happy Days!



ohhh yea


362: I went to NYC today!! I’ve never been and it was amazing!!! Have some pictures of my day including a fireman. Why? Because I love fireman… (no he doesn’t know I took his picture. Yes he was cute from the front as well)


OK I’m going to start.

Day 1) I’m happy about The trio and Katy Perry.


12: didn’t die via poisonous spider that liked my bed a little too much


YAY!! I see you really enjoyed all the natural beauty of the city. :joy_cat:


I really did :joy: I have almost 35 other pictures just didn’t want to post everything her :joy: We did all the monuments.


I miss NY so much :heart:


It was so pretty!! I already want to go back!


363: I did a canal cruise at cape cod today! It was super pretty!!


You are having an amazing trip! So glad that you’re having such a good time.


I am it’s been amazing!!




Day 2) Superfruit is releasing 2 EPs!!


Yesterday my art professor gave birth to a beautiful baby boy: Easton Edwin Love :heart::heart::heart:


364: the place I’m vacationing has a cookie dough place. (Think ice cream but raw cookie dough) it’s amazing




Day 3) I’m writing Pentatonix- A beginner’s guide, to introduce my friend to them.


Day 365: wow the last day… this happiness journey is officially over. Today we drove up to Maine and drove from Maine to Massachusetts on the coastline stopping at different beaches.


Looks like you have had an amazing adventure.


Yes it’s been amazing! Tomorrow is the last full day here. We’re going to Vermont.