365 Happy Days!


19: oh god im not good at this… handing in my last assignment


20: last day of school!!!


10)Got help for Maths


it’s okay you can explain


21: went on a coastal walk with my daddy :heart:


I spent the weekend with a group of friends and had our nails done and stayed up really late.


22: excited for my England trip!!!


23: I had an ice skating lesson! I learned how to jump and spin!!


Day 128- @EmmaKG . its her birthday and I’m so grateful for a friend like her.


24: got cat ears!!!


June 26, 2017

Happy 24th Birthday Ariana Grande! :birthday::balloon::gift::tada:

Happy 25th Birthday Jenette McCurdy! :birthday::balloon::gift::tada:

Omg! Happy Birthday Sam and Cat! :joy:

Also, Happy Birthday Ally/Castella626! :birthday::balloon::gift::tada:


Day 129: about to go to the dollaaa store


25: dyed my hair blue!!!


England trip? Where abouts?


sorry sis but bc of security reasons i can’t say… anyone can access this forum and i don’t wanna take risks :smiley:


Day 230: I think I drew a pretty cool picture


Day I feel spurned. After being mistaken for 13 years old by a cashier at Food Lion and 15 years old by a woman my mom works with, she thinks it’s time for me to be a girl, stop wearing my hair in braids and start wearing makeup.


Day 131: nail care


26: plane trip… rlly excited to see my friends!!!


It was free tea day at McAlister’s. It’s kind of a tradition I do with my dad and sister every summer. This summer, it was just me and my dad since sis is now working a full time job.

My dad and I got two free large ice teas today. An hour later, we cheated on our nearby McAlister’s and went to another location to get sis a free large ice tea before picking her up…and two more for us. We need the caffeine! :joy: