365 Happy Days!




Day 132: I’m watching my sister practice her audition piece and omg she’s a beautiful dancer


What dance form does she study?


Jazz and musical theatre are her main but she also does ballet and contemporary.


Day 133: today my dad was home from work and we grilled food and I was just happy


Day 134: went to the zoo!
(BTW, sorry for bumping this up all the time)


Day 135: the forum wasn’t loading for me but now it works so I’m :smile:


Day 136: my sister is having a birthday soon and I’m so glad that she’s part of my family. I love her so so so much!


Day 137: Mitchy’s birthday today. My sister’s birthday tomorrow. Love them both :heart:


Day 138: took a REALLY good nap


Day 139: well, my air conditioning works


Day 140: I had a juicy orange :orange_heart:


I’m on holiday! I’ve made a new friend and am performing in a show in the bar tonight. This is the first bit of free WiFi I’ve found :joy::joy:


Day 141- cartoons :grin::grin:


Day 142- seeing other people being happy makes me happy


Day 143- Esther Koop :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Day 144- my acne is clearing up


My aunt gave me back to school money. Since I already spent the birthday money she gave me on college, I was allowed one selfish purchase. At Wal-Mart this morning, I saw the L :crescent_moon: V E EP for $7! I was originally going to refill my Google Play account for $25.
I can’t believe Kirstin’s EP is mine! It’s the crown jewel next to my CDs: Ariana Grande’s Yours Truly, Celine Dion, and Kelly Clarkson’s Wrapped In Red. It’s been so long since I made a selfish purchase let alone an actual CD. If I purchase a CD, I must really love your music! :heart::heart::heart::grinning::grinning::grinning:


I survived a 7 hour journey with my 2 younger siblings after 9 days in a caravan without wifi!


You da real MVP! 🖒