365 Happy Days!


Day 145: new bedding! I previously was sleeping on High School Musical Blankets I got in second grade or so :grimacing:


Day 146: its been a year since I’ve joined KC! Everyone was very welcoming and I met some good friends!


Happy Anniversary! So glad you’ve enjoyed KC.


Day you’re curious to know what Disney character you are.



Day 147: I’ve been thinking about possible career paths and although its stressful, it’s nice to see that there are things that might work with my strengths.


Day 148: becoming more confident in my style :laughing:


Day 149: just got back from a family reunion/ camping trip and it was so nice seeing cousins I haven’t talked to in a while.


Day 150- spend time with my cousin! We only get to see each other about once every year.


Day 151: Had a chill day with my mom. So nice to relax!


Day 152: start pepe band practices tomorrow! Nervous but excited to see some of my classmates again!


I had an impromptu sleepover with my bestie last night!!


Day 153: Dodie Clark. Idk why


Day 154: I took my younger sister to the park today!


Day 154: @MonaysMontage. We haven’t messaged in a long time but she’s sooooo sweet and very strong! People like you make people like me happy😄


thank you so much!


28: i was told my singing was good! :blush:


Day 155: took a long walk in the sunshine :sun_with_face:


Day 156: @EmmaKG is seeing PTX tonight and I’m happy for her!


Day 157: Water


Senpai noticed me!!! And I might get to meet him in October!!