365 Happy Days!


Day 158- my mom makes really good potatoes


It’s puppy therapy on campus! One pup ran up my bathroom stall. One pup has a hot pink pedicure. One pup is a spaniel…which is what I want! :dog:


Day 159: i saw a friend from school at church




Day 160: no school today.


Day 161: I like my book :grin::grin:


29: had just a nice day


The 4 day week is moving. I’ve been back on the throat coat tea since I became a soprano for chior. Also I got a 100 on a book quiz I didn’t pay attention to reading…and I don’t know how the heck that happened. :joy:


so i just had my first english class of this year… and i said tits instead of tips :tired_face: :joy: who the hell does that??? i’m a fucking idiot. but we had a great laugh so its fine.
p.s i have no idea what day… i’m just gonna do it when i want XD


Found out a fellow society sister at my old school just got engaged. :heart_eyes::ring:


Day 162: Carissa Alvarado omgggg


Day 163: Today I laughed so hard that my stomach cramped up and I thought I was going to die. Like, twice. I love friends who make me laugh.


Literally my life! I love her!


So on Facebook Sam Smith posted:

So I commented:


And minutes later I saw this:





Day 164: light homework day😁 and I didn’t even have to work on it today bc I won’t be at school tomorrow


Thinking about what kind of parent I’d be…


I’ve had nightmares about school for two days in a row after studying for the past two weeks. I only have Acting on Fridays but it’s cancelled today. I’m not working today! I’m relaxing!


Day 165: Language is beautiful


For my Auntie Pat, a survivor
For my Auntie Anne (R.I. P)
For my Auntie Petal, who’s still going as my family counts the days to the 5 year survival rate
For women everywhere :heart: