365 Happy Days!


My sister’s turning 21 on Halloween and has made a list: “30 Things To Do Before I’m 30”.


Happy Halloween! Meow!


Eventful Sunday for one of my cousins. He and his family were in China where his sons cut his hair and revealed they recorded video a week later. He posted it on Facebook. I know I shouldn’t be laughing but :joy::joy::joy:


i used do this all the time but i stopped lol i haven’t had a really bad day since like last month so idk every day is rlly enjoyable and good


First choir performance on my dad’s birthday.


OMG! WE HAVE THAT SAME EXACT DRESS IN OUR CHOIR?? I guess formal choir dresses are the same??


Introduced my Aunt to PTX. Her favorite is Kevin. He was my mom’s favorite too until she heard more of the heavenly Mitch Grassi. :heart:


Yay! Geuss what two songs my choir and I are performing at our school’s tree lighting tomorrow?


I’ve officially declared my theatre minor. I’ve completed Acting 1 and next semester I’m taking Intro to Design and Tech Crew.


My mom got me a makeup bag for Christmas so I’ll start wearing makeup like a normal girl.




i like kpop


Superfruit is so sweet :heart::strawberry:



My sister’s finally done with her semester at Duke’s marine lab. Apparently she’s a vegetarian now.


My cousin graduated college as part of the top percent. I’m so proud of him and I wish I could see him. At a young age I remember watching him play games on his desktop. In teen years I remember watching him play on his handheld. Now he’s a young adult with a promising future in computer engineering. :joy:


I love what my pastor said in church:

People will always say words that affect you:

  1. 50 percent are negative
  2. 30 percent are positive
  3. 20 percent are neutral

The only words that have power are the ones you believe.


I ate pizza at school today because I read a bunch of books


I posted a cover of “Let Go” by Frou Frou and I got a really nice comment by a YouTuber and musician:

My channel isn’t popular but it meant so much being told I have talent by someone I didn’t know and did music professionally. I checked out his channel. He sings in Spanish (which I’m not fluent in) but his voice is amazing.


My school just planted pictures of the 17 victims of the Parkland, Florida school shooting on the campus grass. Each have their names and a white rose. They deserve attention, not the shooter. (Valentine’s Day 2018).


SPRING BREAK!!!..I gotta spend it all doing homework but still.