365 Happy Days!


So life has been a real struggle lately… This challenge brought so much positivity to my life when I did it originally so I’m going to revive it (even if no one reads it) It will force me to find a positive in every day!

Day 1: I’m going to buy a new lipstick today and have Chickfila for lunch!


Preach girl!!! :heart::heart::heart:


Okay, what I’m about to share is very crushy, girly and oh so embarrassing…

This morning I was walking on campus with my eyes on my phone and my buds in my ears when I felt a someone softly punch my arm. I turned around and I noticed it was my acting professor from last semester. He turned back at me and flashed a trickster smile as he walked off.

I had (I geuss I still have) a crush on him. Maybe that’s inappropriate, but in my defense, all the theatre girls love to goggle at his headshots. He always called me a sweetheart in class and pushed me to become a great actress. I’ve been really unhappy this week with family troubles, money, school assingments, slight vocal damage and a two audition setbacks.

So, it’s going in the 365 days. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Just walked into the music conservatory for choir and overheared one of the musical theatre majors singing “She Used to Be Mine”. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Day two:
I had Chickfila for lunch for real this time (ended up at Mcdonald’s yesterday) also I bought a new pair of shoes to go with my Easter outfit!


Day 3: I took my k-6 exam (my next big teaching test) this morning and I passed the entire thing!!




THATS AWESOMEQ!!! congrats :smiley:


Thank you and @ajptx101! I honestly did not think I was going to pass since it was my first try and most people do not pass first shot!


Day 4: I’m happy because it’s Easter! As a Christian, today we are celebrating Jesus’s death and resurrection! Our day hasn’t gone as planned thanks to sickness, but Easter is always a reason to be happy!

Also I got new sanuks in my Easter basket!


you GO!!!






I failed and missed four days :joy: days 5-8
Monday: the health inspector came to my work while I was there and we got the highest score our stores had in years (98.6 you can’t get a 100)
Tuesday: I taught my second observed lesson and improved on my scores
Wednesday: I got a gift card from my job for Monday and found the perfect birthday present for my brother for over $100 off (making it in my budget of less than $50)
Thursday: I work a day shift instead of night so I’ll be home tonight! (A rarity)


I saw my school’s production of “She Kills Monsters” today. It’s really the only production I’ve been waiting to see all year and it was even better than I imagined! I wish I could be as good as the theatre majors here. I’m writing a review on it for class. :blush:


Oops failed again (they’ve been good days though!!)
Friday day 9: I was off from work.
Saturday day 10: I had lunch with my mom and brother
Sunday day 11: us the duo is having a baby!!!


One more week of classes



Day 1: Makeup. I friggin love makeup. It lets me express who i am and i see it as an art (and it makes me not look like death in the morning :joy:)


My sister is home for the summer, but she will be returning later in May to take a summer class and won’t be back until late in June. If you don’t remember, she spent last summer in Costa Rica. Long story short, I’m gonna be alone again. :cry:


I found out my old roommate, the beautiful and talented musical theatre major and hopefully future Broadway star will be transferring to a university in the fall in South Carolina! I live in South Carolina!!! We can get together!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: