365 Happy Days!


Kristen, my old big from my women’s society just graduated and has accepted a job as a third grade teacher. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


An old friend who’s also into art and music left school but has started doing working on YouTube. You don’t have to subscribe, but check out her channel if you can. The videos are not long. I suggest “Freeze Your Brain”. That’s my favorite video.



day 2 (I FINALLY HAVE A LIFE DONT JUDGE ME :joy::joy:): books. my life has been kinda crappy lately and reading good books puts me in another world and lets me escape for a few minutes/hours. (also, i was the first one to check out John Green’s new book “Turtles All The Way Down” its so satisfying. i put my initials in there lmao)


Caught my sister reading a book on the MCAT. It’s official: she’s gonna be a doctor…that is after she graduates college next year, gets into grad school and finally, med school. :blush:


Kirstin’s 26th birthday! :birthday::balloon::gift: :tada:


Staying up for the Royal Wedding at 4 am, because I know my mom will fall asleep.



Officially one year since the Manchester bombing.Today it’s important to say prayers for the victims, thier families and Ariana Grande.


June 4, 2018: I got an email from the company my high school used to purchase graduation photos. Apparently it’s now two years since I graduated high school…but they’re not getting any more money out of me for anniversary photos! :joy:


This past year, my sister has gotten into Marvels. Our parents wouldn’t let her see Agengers Infinity War yesterday at a low cost theater unless I went with her…that’s all I’m gonna say to avoid being a spoiler (in case of any Marvels fans on the forum).

Infinity War was amazing but now I’m out of order with the series, so it was also really confusing (as to why I didn’t want to see it yet).

Now I’ve officially seen all the Avengers movies. I especially liked Age of Ultron. My sister and I are spending 4th of July by watching the Captain America movies. :fireworks:

I really want to see Dr. Strange. My sister tells me all the effects are trippy. I’m a big fan of Benedict Cumberbatch (Dr. Strange) from Sherlock. :mag_right:

Guardians of the Galaxy are the funniest Marvels heroes. Chris Pratt/Vin Diesel. :heart:

I still have to see some Thor movies because my sister won’t tell me about his haircut. :joy:

Sis and I will watch Ant Man on tv this Friday/Saturday. She will also take me to see Ant Man & The Wasp in theaters. :ant:

I :heart: Iron Man, especially the first film. Tony is an arrogant…but the funny kind of arrogant… :joy:

I’m also a longtime Spider-Man gal. Toby Miguire/Spider-Man cartoons. :spider:

It’s been so fun spending time with my sister because she’s always gone and we’re obsessing so much over the Avengers.

I :heart: movies! :popcorn:





I start school in 2 weeks. I just got my schedule and apparently I’m enrolled in 8 classes this semester. I stress easy and considering I’ve never had at least 6, this could suck. It’s really messed up because I’m taking all the classes I should and if I drop one, I won’t graduate on time. Unfortunately, it’s too soon to know if I’ll stay in choir (my only stress relief) all year. The only upside: I don’t have classes on Fridays. Also, my sister rented a hotspot so we have Wi-Fi at home. I would like to talk about whatever if anyone’s free. All my friends are gone for both summer and/or school.


I can talk whenever you want! (Although it’s way better to choose a form that isn’t this website for instant reply). I just finished my summer classes and am so excited for the fall semester to start. I only am taking 4 classes and it will be the first semester I’ve done that. Also there is no shame in taking more than 4 years. By the time I graduate I will have spent 5.5 years in college because that’s what was best for me. (Also multiple major changes). It’s important to remember that you aren’t everyone else. Create your own timeline for your life!


It’s 1 am and as always, I just feel like writing about whatever… :thinking:

Been a little while since I talked about PTX. I decided to spend the week re-reading all of Kirstin’s chapters from her blog. No matter how many times I read them in the past, they’re still fresh and they always lift me up. :sparkling_heart: I really miss her writing, but whatever, she’s superstar busy. That’s life. :star2: Also, I’ve checked back to social media and was reminded that PTX recently came to North Carolina. I wonder if any of my friends went. I saw on one friend’s Facebook page that she and her musical friends saw Panic! At The Disco (love them!). My theatre friends are the Pentaholics. I live in South Carolina, but still the thought of them being so close made me happy. Of course I’m sad too because I wasn’t there. :broken_heart: I’m a long way from ever going to one of their concerts. :cry: Whatever. That’s life. :slightly_smiling_face: If God decides to let me meet PTX someday, I wonder what the experience would be like. I’d just love to tell them how much I love them just like every other fan. I wonder if they read enough of my gifts and fan mail to already know me. I hope they’d like me…I am too lost in my thoughts. :sweat_smile: Okay, that’s enough. Goodnight, sleep tight and whatever. :wave: :kissing_heart:


I made a Twitter years ago and till this day never used it. But once in a while I check out my friend’s and favorite celebs. I was curious about what Kirstin’s Twitter looked like and I think this is the best post I’ve ever seen. :two_hearts:


I’ve made many attempts to do this in the past, and I’m trying one more time!

Day one: I got to see my best friend today. Seeing her always makes me happy :yum:


I’ll join you since I loved it when I did it the first time.
Day 1: I took (hopefully) my last teaching test yesterday! This ones under review for the year so unlike the others where I got the result same day I have to wait a couple of weeks to get the score for this one. For now it’s nice being done though.


Also day one: I have had amazing conversations with @CharlieGrassiHoying and @Katief1107 :heart::heart: It’s amazing catching up with you guys :two_hearts:


Day two: I got to eat donuts today :slightly_smiling_face:


Forgot to post yesterday…
Day 2: I got to cook and ate my favorite meal yesterday
Day 3: today I get to see my brother!