365 Happy Days!


Day three: I played uno with my boyfriend at lunch today, and he bought me my favorite drink (blackberry Izze)


Day four: I had a really fun time with my friends today!


4: honestly I’m just thinking about this moment today and it makes me happy. I would go back to this moment a million times if I could!


Day five: overall had a good day today!


Day 5: I got to babysit a sweet one year old today!


Aww :two_hearts::two_hearts: I love kids! Was it a boy or girl?


It’s a sweet girl. Her names Claire Magnolia.


Aww :two_hearts:


6: today just started but it’s so happy! First off new ptx Christmas music! (Fun fact before ptx I hated all Christmas music and would make a game of seeing how close to Christmas I could get without hearing it) Also, I woke up this morning to find that one of the actresses from Station 19 replied to me on insta.


Day six: Getting pizza for dinner!


yay! i had pizza last night :yum:


I know I’m really late but that’s always a good thing!


I got to hang out with my beautiful niece and family!


Day seven: I got to eat sugar cookies (my favorite kind of cookie)


Day eight: I’m so grateful to have this guy as a friend. He constantly tells me how important I am to him and how much I mean to him. He is always there to give me a hug when I need one and he considers me his only best friend. Love this guy :two_hearts:


Day 8: I’m at Disney with my niece and sister!


Do you have pictures?



You look so happy!


I am! I honestly love any time I can spend with my niece! The fact that we’re at the happiest place on earth just makes it better!