365 Happy Days!


I’ve never been :sob: One day we should go together!


excuse me monay, but your friend’s really cute :joy:


I know he is, we dated once :joy:


Day nine: I’m appreciating all of the people I have in my life. I’ve been so blind but now I’m grateful and realizing how blessed I am

@Katief1107 @Kyra_Pearson @ajptx101 @Kiramj @CharlieGrassiHoying @Simsnet just to name a few :two_hearts::two_hearts:


love you queen!


Aw sis! :sob::two_hearts:


@Kyra_Pearson @CharlieGrassiHoying love you both :two_hearts:


Day 9: I passed my last teaching test!!!


Congratulations, Teach! :clap::blush:


Congrats Katie! I know you’ll be an awesome teacher!


Thank you! I’m super excited now I just have to actually graduate


Day ten: I’m doing really good in my classes!


10: honestly today started out rough but I’m just happy. I got to babysit the sweet 1 year old again all day and she was so happy and giggly it was perfect.


My sister’s 22 today!!! :birthday: :two_hearts:


Happy birthday to her! I hope she has a blessed day sis :two_hearts:


Happy birthday to your sister! She’s exactly a week older than me!!


@Katief1107 Happy early week birthday!!! :kissing_heart: :birthday:


Day 11: I volunteered at the Elementary school and it was great!


Day eleven: Another really good day! I’m caught up in all of my classes and my grades are looking good. I’m very happy with my religious placement right now as well.


Day twelve: so happy today!! My boyfriend is willing to wait for me for… making love, I know that’s tmi but it makes me happy and have hope