365 Happy Days!


Day 12: I bought some apple cider today!



That’s so cute!


Actor Brandt Martinez (Samuel Seabury from Hamilton) led a workshop on dances from the musical at Winthrop!!! :grinning:

No, I don’t dance. I didn’t get to go. I didn’t get to meet him. Masking my pain. :sob: :broken_heart:

Just wanted to share something cool from my school. :blush:


Day thirteen: my boyfriend wrote me the sweetest note today! He told me how much I make him happy


Day 13: I got to babysit the cute one year old again today and she was super cuddly. Plus Starbucks Christmas drinks were released today!


Yeah Christmas!!! :grinning:


This poem is my :heart:. I must learn to read my life from the bottom up. :sob:


Words following the poem:

You deserve love and happiness. Let no one tell you otherwise… especially yourself.


I love this :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Day fourteen: I know this happened yesterday, but I’m still gonna say it as a part of today’s. I fell asleep listening to my mom’s voice last night :two_hearts: I don’t get to see her that often anymore because of work so hearing her voice for two hours made me relax. I also got to watch a movie today with her and I might be getting highlights.


Day fifteen: I got my hair relaxed!

Bye bye curls!


I slacked yesterday!
Day 14 (yesterday): I ate Chick-fil-A and had Starbucks!
Day 15: we celebrated my Birthday lunch today so it was nice to eat one of my favorite meals!


I successfully registered for spring semester 12:00 am on the dot. I hate college registration. What separates me from all the youngsters of the world is that I try to go to bed early, don’t take naps and can’t stay up much till or passed 12:00 am. But registration opens exactly at 12:00 am and once it does, you have to act on your spot before someone takes it. Pray I don’t fall asleep in classes today.


I totally get that feeling! Mines tomorrow


Godspeed (especially on sleep).


Day sixteen: Today wasn’t that great. I’ve cut the negativity out of my life even though it was hard. But I’m glad to be home and relax.


Day 16: we had homemade chicken and dumplings tonight!


Day seventeen: no school today!


Day 17: we went to get ice cream today!


Day 18: it’s my birthday! Also I got tickets to see dancing with the stars again for my birthday!