365 Happy Days!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY XX!!! miss talking 2 u lots but happy 21st??? sorry hhh


22nd but thank you!!!


I ALMOST SAID 22nd sigh :heart:


Puppy with a :heart: on its head. Your daily dose of cuteness! :dog:




I’m going to do this until I succeed! :joy:

Day one: I had an amazing Thanksgiving with my family today. I love coming together with my mom and brother. We laughed and shared the things we are thankful for. We get on each other’s nerves, but on days like these we appreciate each other :orange_heart:


Oh my gosh! This is adorable! Thank you for sharing this, Kyra!


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I made my first sweet potato casserole from scratch, the kind with marshmallows. Also, my sister posted a video of me dancing to “A Mad Russian’s Christmas” on her Snapchat. Spoiler alert: I can’t dance. :joy:



Day two: I was able to have a lazy day today


Day three:
I got my hair touched up


Day four: I feel more confident and comfortable with my plan(s) for the future.