A goodbye (and a thank you)


I have something to admit. I don’t listen to PTX anymore like at all. I listen to stuff like Juice WRLD, Cardi B, XXXTentacion, Billie Eilish, Post Malone, etc. PTX isn’t really one of my first choices anymore. I even stopped using my usual username “ptxgirl101” and started using “sadboi.incz”. I was a ride or die CRAZY Pentaholic when I was 15-17 (damn can I have a relationship last that long?:joy:). Now I don’t even remember what part of Texas they were from. I unsubscribed from their YT channel bc they released another album and I got tired of seeing all their 500 new videos in my subscriptions bc I knew I wasn’t gonna watch them. I still like them and think they’re AMAZINGGG but it’s just not really my groove anymore. Therefore, I am leaving this site forever. If you still want to keep in contact with me tho, my sc is ptxgirl101 (can’t change usernames on Snapchat :joy:). I love you guys and thanks for being supportive of me and my journey through most of my teen years. :yellow_heart::yellow_heart: :sob::sob::sob:

(P.s. I’m about to start an ASMR yt channel and I’ll link the first video in this thread when I make it. It’s most likely gonna be a singing ASMR vid lmao)
(P.s.s. Look at my cool eyebrow slit my best friend gave meee I’m in loveeee :sob::sob:



Waaaaaait I can’t go on snap :sob::sob: can pop in for me??? Pwease???


Btw… your makeup SLAYS


Ahh thanks I really try :sob: and I’ll probably pop in every now and then when I have time bc I’m a very busy person now that I actually have a life and responsibilities :joy::sob::sob:


Wishing you all the best.



Damn so responsible now :sob:


wow! i have to say, i don’t really listen to them after. btw your makeup is AMAZING wtf. nice to hear from you though!


Good luck!