A Spotify Question


So, I have an LG Android Tablet and a LG Kyrocera Event Android Phone and will be taking a trip out of state soon and it will be a long drive and long drives aren’t fun unless you have music to help keep ypu distracted right?!
I asked a friend about listening to music offline and she said that on your PHONE you can listen to Spotify and such offline it just uses DATA! But. I don’t want to listen to music and use all of my data especially since my dad helps pay and stuff.
So, I bought a Google Play card instead to buy music and so it was done! I bought 30 songs or so and tested it out by walk my dog around the neighborhood and as you all know your Wifi stops once you leave it’s connected location. And the music was playing nicely until it froze and stopped playing. I was and still am confused as to whether or not I did something wrong…

Help pretty please? Not a big tech person by the way…heheheheh


Well have you try spotify in offline? You can play the music you downloaded without using any data. I’m using it. Or just download joox music,you ca download it for free.


I tried to download and use offline but my storages are too full and I have A LOT LOT of music and I tried the SAMPLE of preimum without the money but it still didn’t seem to work…


Is Spotify online?


Yeah unless you have Premium and/or a huge data plan


Some phones support music downloading directly from the internet to the phone so try to see if it works. If you don’t know how to download music I’ll tell you how, both to the computer and the phone. My phone (iPhone) doesn’t support direct music downloading so I use a software for it. There are apps like iTube that you can watch videos from YouTube for the first time and then it’s ‘saved’ in the app so you can watch those videos from the app, which means that if you find music on YouTube you can listen to it. (:


You said you have an Android phone…this might work out well…

You need: PC/Mac computer, microSD card(4-32gb), microSD card reader, your phone.

  1. Download all the MP3 songs you want to hear offline onto your computer via the internet or iTunes.
  2. Connect your microSD card to your computer via the reader.
  3. Copy all of the songs you’ve downloaded onto a folder in your microSD card. It may be called “music”, “mp3”, “songs”, or you can make your own…
  4. Unmount the microSD card from your computer and insert it back into your phone.
  5. Open up the music app on your phone or Google Play Music.
  6. Start playing!

DM me for any help!

microSD card insertion/removal instructions


What was up with this person?! I’m lost…?! ^^^^


im not sure why the post got hidden though


OOOOOH!!! I think it was because it’s like, some sort of illegal music downloading website or spam website. That’s what it seems like to me at least in my opinion…


OR maybe it’s this even though it says app



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Maybe that’s the point? To spam us or get our computers to crash from unwanted files or whatever…


yah maybe but people on kc usually wouldnt do stuff like that idk


That’s spam. I can easily tell because of the improper punctuation, and my school brought up a “Content Restricted” page indicating it was Adult Oriented Content (which is like iFunny)


ok cool thank you mr. tech whiz

i ddint go on the website to check for anything lol



oh thats what it was i was trying to think of that lmoa


You download it on your laptop however you choose, then upload it to Google play (idk how exactly to get to those options) buy selecting the files off your computer. Then you just have to download it on to your phone from the google play music app.


That “iTube” thing in the post can relate to 2 things:

iTube Downloader - android app.
iTube website - redirects to a site that’s…pretty much what the firewall says…