Ahhh! My First YouTube Cover! 🎤


I’m finally brave enough to post a cover on YouTube. If you have the time, please check it out because I check out all your talented covers and other stuff. You all inspire me. I did this for me, you, PTX, Clean Bandit, Jess Glynne, and every other singer I love. :kissing_heart:


@CharlieGrassiHoying and others, thanks so much for your support. I was bummed when I saw my first diske, but that doesn’t compare to your nice comment and subscription . I promise I’ll do more covers in the future so stay by. :wink:


please keep uploading! it’s a really great cover


Sing girl sing! Never stop. When negative comments come, take them for what the’re worth. But keep singing.


Beautiful lady! Beautiful!


great cover girl. you have an amazing range!!! keep postinggggg


Thank you guys! :sob: :heart: Please like and share.


I want to show you this. It’s one of my favorite covers of Rather Be. She made a lot of mistakes but it’s amazing. I think it bettered the video. Watch it if you get the chance.


she’s good, but i don’t really like her voice. it’s super super SUPER sweet and kinda harsh on the tastebuds


pretty good!! a little tip: work on that vibrato (that is one of my flaws omlll i do not have natural vibrato :joy::joy:)


subscribed :D!


Remember, as this is your first cover, you should never stop developing, learning, and most importantly enjoying what you do)))
You could also try singing with some music, you know, you can definitely find a karaoke or something around the internet to make it easier for you to keep up with the tempo and the key)))
Keep singing!!! :kissing_heart:


Thx so much :heart:


Yeah vibrato is hard for me. I’m also working on pitch, breath control, and sometimes I’m really insecure about hitting high notes because I used to think I was an alto. Falsettos are really fun though.


I can respect that. At least you think she’s good. :joy:


Just watched this for the first time and holy smoke!!! I’m just like WOW when we meet each other we HAVE to make a duet!!!


Aw, that would be SO FUN!!! Dude, this cover is 1 YEAR OLD on YouTube today. I was 18 when I recorded it, so it’s actually maybe two… ???


@MonaysMontage since I got you, I want to say watched your videos a while back. I love “Warrior”, “Misbehavin” and kirstin’s “All Night” - especially the chorus! Hats off!


Thanks hun! I haven’t been able to make any videos because I have no way to. But me and my boyfriend are actually talking about making a channel together when we’re older!