ANIMUSIC lovers anyone?


Let’s bring back the old days of elementary school again, but this time with music.

Does anyone remember Animusic? It’s a series of new-wave/synth songs linked with computer generated imagery to make a technological orchestra.

You’ve probably seen it back in 2006-2009, in music class in elementary school!


I remember animusic and schoolhouse rock. Was there a multiplication school house video with a rabbit? Like multiplying by 7?

I don’t expect you to know but I feel like I remember one like that for some reason.:joy:


Lucky Seven Sampson!


So there is one. I didn’t just imagine it?


You could’ve…but yes that video is real!


My favorite is the pipe one and the starship jam thing


“Pipe Dreams”
“Starship Groove”


thanks. I was trying to look them up and I dunno what my descriptions were telling google


My CDs arrived today (I never take photos of CDs for some reason :joy:)