Another Question! About First Aid Thingies


So, this is for my story so don’t be alarmed.
I forgot what it was (a fanfic maybe?) but a character had a major blood wound. To fix it up someone had to give him a washcloth to bite down on and restrain his movements as another character set up a fire and grabbed a metal pole thing. They then put the pole over the heat and held it using a those oven mitts and let it heat up a bit. Then, they proceeded to touch it over his wound and it hurt like hell but somehow helped heal his wound at the same time.

How does that help and does that really work or does it only help in novels and TV shows?


I’ve seen this in the show Scorpion on CBS, and they used this trick (when the wound was very large with lots of blood loss):

That is called cauterizing. It “fuses” the skin back together to create a nice closure between the torn areas.

Someone with surgical skills or experience performing it should cauterize wounds on the go, but it is a working tactic that should only be used as a last resort due to the non-sterile conditions involved.

The “biting on a cloth” thing isn’t just to restrain movement…it’s a pretty tough addition to this. Imagine setting all of your skin tissues on fire individually. LOADS of pain. You’re probably going to have spasms as the intense pain travels through you, but by biting down on something, you’re channeling the pain to a controllable source of pressure, thus offering a slight reduction of discomfort.

(I know nothing about medical attention, but this is what I heard from the show - which is about 90% accurate)


Holy cheese balls! That sounds SO painful! Good thing that it’s just a show. Goodness gracious! Oh and thanks for letting me know!


You’re pretty accurate (we discussed it in a health class one time) the heat also burns the skin causing the blood to clot faster therefore stopping bleeding sooner. Biting down on the washcloth also protects the tongue as the intense pain could easily cause you to bite down and accidentally bite off your tongue.



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