Any Impractical Jokers fans?


(@PTXMISHA would love this topic)

My mom and I have been enjoy the show a lot lately and they’re on tour again! I own volumes 1-9 on iTunes so far.

The last time they were nearby was at The Lakeland Center / RP Funding Center in 2016 during the “Where’s Larry” tour. I talked with the audio engineer there and he couldn’t stop laughing even though he couldn’t!

They’ll be in Orlando and Estero FL sometime in mid-March for their “Cranjis McBasketball” tour, and I did some route calculations for the trip (yep, I’m still at it).

This is the route from CFE Arena in Orlando to Hertz Arena in Estero. Look at how close the Van Fleet intersection and my current location is. It should be part of their route! (By the way, they may be traveling in a bus that gives away their privacy)