Anybody got a Joke?


Hi lovelies! so im in school right now and boy are there boring classes… anybody got a funny joke? Along with anyone that needs a laugh right now, I’m desperate for a good laugh today :cry:

The Joke Thread...PART 2!

This is a little old.
The most popular bumper sticker at the moment is “RUN HILLARY! RUN!”. The democrats put it on their rear bumper and the Republicans put it on the front.


:joy: lol :joy: old but still funny


Where does Trump get the water to build his wall?

DM me for the answer

Why do Buddhists never respond quickly?

Because all you hear is “um…”

What color is Mario’s overalls?

denim denim denim

My jokes really depend on your age tbh


i can guess what the first answer is.

at first I was like “the Gulf of Mexico”?



15 :joy: lol


omg :joy: i was about to say “same” but then i remembered… no… 16.


Knock knock

Who’s there?


You, who?



:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:I literally laughed too much at this than I should have :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


U welcome fam. U welcome.


I have one but it’s actually awful.
Why was tommy crying?
He had a frog stapled to his face


A grandson runs up to his grandfather and asks him if he can talk like a frog.
“Of course not,” says the grandfather.
A few minutes later, his granddaughter asks him the same question.
"No, of course not. Why are you both asking me this?"
The granddaughter replies, “Dad said that when you croak, we can go to Disneyland.”

I found this online, and I have a dark sense of humor sooo…


:joy: wtf, this isnt Hug Me I’m Scared, chill out, satan. :joy:
dark humor…




I have more… :joy:


Hit me!


:joy::joy: sorry my sister told me that one. There’s more where that came from if you ever want to hear them


I’d love to hear.:blush: