Anybody got a Joke?


Why did the dinosaur cross the road?

Because the chicken joke wasn’t invented yet.


I’d tell you a joke about tennis…but it would sound like a bunch of racket to you…
I’d tell you a joke about tennis…but I don’t have the balls…


Why do people look out of their windows in the morning?
Because he can’t see through the wall.


What’s a three-season bed?
A bed without a spring.


I bought a pack of squared cheese this afternoon, then I was told there were Singles in my area…


I really want a job cleaning mirrors.
It’s just something I could see myself doing.


Why can’t you dance at Disney World?

You have to keep your hands and arms inside.


What’s blue and smells like red paint?

Blue paint


Wow, that’s so hilaripos. Such good jokes. 10/10 would joke again.


Ikr we are such great comedians :ok_hand:


Why are dead people so boring? They have no lives.

(sorry if you’re offended)


i was thinking “hooker” lol


What do you call a murderous gorilla?



I’ve never heard of that one! :wink:


I’m not easily offended haha your hilarious


SO original.


“So I was walking around town yesterday and passed by a gun store. Intrigued, I enter to find out that everything was half off. I didn’t know the Back To School sales started already.”


I still try not to. :slight_smile:




I told y’all already, I have a dark sense of humor!! :joy: