Anyone A Book Lover?


I LOVE reading stuff! Novels mostly but sometimes I’ll read a graphic novel. I read mostly fantasy, action, scifi, supernatural, and that stuff. Right now I’m reading…

-Eon by Alison Goodman. It’s about this boy named Eon who’s training to become a powerful dragon’s apprentice. He’s 12 years old and other boys like him also train to see if one of the dragons will pick them. Except, women/girls aren’t allowed which is stupid. THAT’S where Eona comes in. Eona is disguised as Eon and is secretly a 16 year old girl that wants to rebel and prove that girls/women can qualify just as much as boys can. It’s packed full of Japanese/Chinese references to mythologies and legends and that stuff. Even though I’m Korean it’s still cool to see that Asian traditions are in the story. It’s a duo-logy series and great for people that love girl-power. It has action, a strong female main character, historical stuff, fantasy fun, adventure, romance, etc etc etc



OMG I LOOOOVE READING. I go to the library every saturday. rn im reading the final book of one of my fave series called “forever and always, lara jean” by jenny han.


This book? Is it good?



It’s an old series of books but I loved The Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey.



Is that a good series?


I thought it was amazing. There are quite a few books in the series too.


Hmm…I’ll have to check them out later!


Such a good series!!’


I love reading!!! I’m currently reading the third book in the fallen crest series. (This particular one is called fallen crest public by tijan)


Damn! 7 books? Wow…big series!


Haha I’ve also been reading a series that currently has 37 books. Book 38 is coming out the 25th. Well technically it’s like 5 or 6 series but they all interconnect.


Dang…what series is it? And I thought that Maximum Ride and Harry Potter were huge book series


Lani Lynn vale is the author. The first series is The Freebirds Series. Each book focuses on a different characters story so that it doesn’t get boring.




Not a big reader tbh, I feel like I never have time, I also don’t have a library card and I don’t like buying books :joy::joy::joy::joy:
My favorite book of all time though, is Jurassic Park, I’ve honestly read it a ton of times lol


All of the shadowhunters books are amazing, but I have a soft spot for the infernal devices series. It’s set in London in the late 1800’s. It’s not super historical though, the time is really just to set what they use and what everyone else has technology wise as well as establish some family trees for the other series.

There’s also This Star Won’t go Out, which kills me every time I read it, but it’s really good and it’s a very unique autobiography and biography mix. I don’t know how to explain it where it makes sense, so that’s the best I got.

Now I’m starting the Rizzoli and Isles books and OH MY GOD they’re good. I would not read the first one if you’re not an upperclassman in high school, but if you are, it’s so good. I can’t wait to get the second one off amazon.


I read the first book and started the 2nd one but never finished. Don’t remember why. I saw the movie though and despite the bad reviews enjoyed it none the less. I need the finish the series and start the TV show as well. I’ve been wanting to for a while now


All the bad reviews on the movie were because it doesn’t follow the books at all. It was a good movie on its own though. The show is SO good, but it goes through the books really fast.


I’ve heard that the first few episodes had bad acting but they slowly improve


I heard that too, but I never thought the acting was that bad. The special effects definitely improved from season one to season two though