Anyone A Book Lover?


Sweet! Should I just start the TV series or read the rest of the books?


I would read the books first, the TV show might skip around a little and spoil things.


i LOVE reading as well !! These are a few of my favorites :))33282947


thay’re all SO nice i promise.
if you wanna feel better about life, read everyone’s a aliebn when ur a aliebn too
if you wanna read something that’s both so beautiful and sad but still so beautiful, read See You In The Cosmos
if you want a love story that’s not at all cheesy and is actually really heart-breaking, read Eleanor and Park
if you want a sci-fi-ish adventure-ish book with a story that’ll make u fall in love with it, read the Miss Peregrine series (its not scary, i swear)

oml that was so long im sorry xD


I tried so hard to read Miss parigrine. I honestly think it’s the only book I have ever been unable to finish. I just could not get into it.