Are there any Descendants fans on here?

Descendants is a Disney Channel movie franchise. And i love it! Descendants 3 is coming out this August And i’m super exited! If you have not seen the first or second movie And your’e a Disney fan like me, you have to watch it. It starts with 4 teens who are children of Disney villains.
Mal daughter of Maleficent
Evie daughter of the Evil Queen
Jay Son of Jafar
Carlos Son of Cruella De Vil
before they were Born, their wicked parents were banished to an island known as The Isle of the Lost with a magical barrière around it to keep them trapped there. Their parents have No real love for them at all And all they know is How to be bad. Meanwhile the ‘good’ people of the Disney universe are living happy lives in their kingdom Auradon, with Beast And Belle as their king And queen. But their Son Ben feels sorry for the villain kids And feels like they have been abandoned. Ben decides the kids deserve a chance to live among them. Maleficent sees this as a chance to finally get out of the Isle to get revenge on the people of Auradon. She tells her daughter to find the Fairy Godmother’s magic wand And use it to break the barrière. But when they realize How happy they are in Auradon And when Mal falls in love with Ben, they need to decide what matters more: proving themselves to their parents or their own happiness?


Thanks for that. I only ever saw the first Descendants because it was before I started college. After that I didn’t watch much Disney Channel. I don’t even recognize any of the shows. I’m not so much a fan now, but I love Dove Cameron. She and Sofia Carson are oh so talented. I mostly watched the first film for Kristin Chenoweth. The woman does not disappoint.