Ariana Grande || Dangerous Woman Tour || SYDNEY AUSTRALIA


8th September 2017 || Sydney, Australia
Last night I saw Ariana Grande. All I can say is she was perfect in every way possible. The vocals, choreography, dancers, band, her outfits, makeup, shoes was on POINT the whole way through. She was riffing and dancing and singing and just being the best performer.
Here’s a video of some short video clips I took during the concert. It was incredible :heart_eyes:


I love her!!! She’s so awesome and her vocals are so insanely jaw dropping live!!! I don’t like the stage though, the lighting is absolutely terrible for low vision, or people with glasses :confused:


she was so amazing :heart: the stage and lighting was actually really really cool live. she used the stage well and the lights, I promise look way more vivid and better live.