Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman Tour


Anyone else going to this tour? I saved up most of my money and bought some tickets :sob: :heart:️ They’re 3rd level semi-nosebleeds but I’m so happy to be going. I’m going to the Orlando one (obviously lol)
Super excited for Little Mix too. I love them a LOT and they’re finally Coming back to America :heart:


Awesome! I hope you have a great time!


Thanks! :heart:


I really wish I could go!! I’m not even that big of an Ariana fan but I want to see Little Mix!! Unfortunately all my money is going towards my Troye Sivan ticket so I won’t have enough for that


But have fun!!


That’s awesome! Hope you have fun!! :smiley: I wish I could go. I was surprised when I saw she was coming to my state! But I don’t have enough money lol


I have so many concerts that I want to go to and Ariana Grande’s is one of them. Of course, I’m broke so…

Anyway, have a great time and take some pics! <3<3


Don’t lose hope, there arent any dates that are sold out and I’m pretty sure there will be cheap seats for a while. So it might work out after all❤️ Same for you @j_wanggg


I JUST WENT LAST NIGHT!! (sydney australia)


I was actually in the airport, watching a live stream of the concert (5am Florida time) :joy::joy::joy: