Artist Spotlight 🌟


Let’s have an artist spotlight! This topic is open to EVERYONE to talk about ANYONE!


Lynda Carter - actress, singer, songwriter, model, and Miss World America 1972. Y’all know I love superhero shows. My sister and I were watching a documentary and I was most amazed by Carter as Wonder Woman in 1976. People said her outfit was too revealing, to which she said, “I’ve worn less on the beach!” :joy:

Carter had a male stunt double in “Wonder Woman.” Becuase his gender would’ve been too visible for one episode, Carter decided to do the stunt herself: holding onto an aircraft with her bare hands with no wrist guard or safety net.


Not only did Carter not die, but her risk made producers so mad they made sure she got a female stunt double. :joy:



Clayton “Peg Leg” Bates (1907-1998) - African American entertainer. I remember being read his book in elementary school where his picture also hung on our walls for Black History Month. Whenever I talk about him, I’m surprised people don’t know who he was.

At age 5, he started dancing on the street for money. At age 12, he lost his leg in a cotton gin accident. His uncle made him a wooden peg leg and he taught himself to tap dance on it. At age 15, Bates danced with his peg leg in talent shows, theaters, and by age 20, Broadway. He also danced in clubs and on television.


Rupi Kaur - Indian-born Canadian poet, writer, illustrator, and performer. She sells millions of books, which are collections of her poetry and artwork.


My college sophomore year, I wrote a paper about Kaur through an outbreak over Instagram deleting her photos for her series of menstruation - they were of her FULLY clothed with a SMALL red leak on her sweatpants. Instagram argued the photos went against saftey guidelines, which are nudity, violence (which wasn’t the case. They just found the photos nondecent). Kaur stated her point was to “challenge prevalent societal menstrual taboos.” With the support of followers, Instagram eventually restored her photos.

Kaur’s themes are femininity, love, abuse, self-care, and heartbreak.





Ella Mai - English singer and song writer. She was named after Ella Fitzgerald due to her mother’s love for music. She is so full of beauty and confidence. She blesses me my ears everytime I hear her sing! I believe she’s the next voice for RnB :heart_eyes:


It’s an artist spotlight mystery! My Mom and I have been watching “The Masked Singer” and I MUST KNOW WHO THE LION IS!!! Her voice is AMAZING and so fimilar!!! By the time she’s unmasked, I’m gonna feel so stupid!!! Mom thinks it’s Liza Minnelli. The voices are similar…but I don’t know. I have a couple guesses…but I don’t want to say…

Mom and I also need to know who The Bee is…she says she’s been performing since the 50’s!!!


OMG IM OBSESSED WITH THE SHOW!!! Whenever I found out the hippo was Antonio Brown, I flipped! A.) he’s my all time celebrity crush and B.) He plays for my favorite team!


ooo … this topic is super cute !!! i’m at school and everything is restricted so i can’t really put a picture or video but i wanna feature gelsey bell!!! she was on broadway and has been in some other musicals and her voice is super DUPER unique n she’s just. Da Best


For the record, I just want to say how much I :heart: people.


So Todrick posted a photo with Brittney Johnson, the first African-American Glinda in Wicked. I’m so happy!!! :sob: :two_hearts:

This topic must make the spotlight…

Nicolette Robinson - stage and television actress, wife of Leslie Odom Jr. and the first African-American and real life mother to play Jenna in Waitress, which was her Broadway debut!

Last, I want to add Brandy and Whitney Houston in the 1997 film for Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. This movie used to come on Disney all the time when I was little and I was in love with it. I’ve seen the 1965 version too, but Brandy just amazed me learning Cinderella could be African-American.


Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy Aka, xxxtentacion. Jahseh was flawed like all of us were and he was trying to fix his life when it was taken away from him. I truly hope that he is at peace. His music has played such a big role on my life and I will forever miss him. He wanted people to be able to relate to his music and he succeeded at that. R.I.P X :black_heart: