Artist Spotlight 🌟


Tiki Barber - NFL running back on Broadway is my everything. :heart_eyes:



@Kyra_Pearson Is it time you make one for Donny osmond? :blush:


Donny Osmond- singer, dancer, actor, peacock and by far the Greatest Showman. :blush: :notes:


T-Pain - rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and monster. The people believed he could only sing with auto-tune, but put him in a mask, let him use his natural voice and the people crown him victorious. :star2:



w . wha


don’t they say this guys name in that one song from book of mormon


First doggie spotlight :star2: :dog: :star2:

So it’s like a thing for the winner of the Westminster Dog Show to make a surprise appearance in Kinky Boots on Broadway.

Flynn the bichon frise

Here he is with Kirstin/Lauren


Another was Sky, the Wire Fox Terrier



Brie Larson - Go see Captain Marvel! :star2: :star2::star2::star2::star2:


β€œDon’t let go of good times
And let the bad ones know
You feel fine, and wear your
Heart out on your sleeve
Love is all you need
Feel with all your senses
Make sure to let down your
Defenses, it’s just
One way to make you see
Love is all
Love is all you need”

  • Christina Grimmie (1994–2016)