Can Blu-Ray DVDs Play On A XBox 360?


So, my middle brother left in July and has a PS4 and treasures it over the XBox 360 therefore, he left it at home. I now use it for DVDs instead of my OLD one since you can use apps on it and stuff compared to older dvd players. Today I bought 2 dvds and forgot/didn’t realize until now that they are BLU-RAYS! NOT both Blu-ray+DVDs but LEGIT Blu-rays.

Immediately I felt shameful and annoyed with myself because I spent most of my money on them both and wanted them both a lot before realizing my mistake.

That’s why I am asking whether or not I can use Blu-rays on XBox 360s or should I keep them or sell them and get my money back since I got them from Half Price Books.



Xbox 360 consoles use standard DVDs for storage (hence their capability to play DVD movies). The Xbox One consoles use a layer system similar to the Wii U (which are both not Blu-Ray).

PS3/PS4 systems, Blu-Ray players, and BD-R/W computer disc drives are capable of playing most BD-R formats (some discs have DRM/copyright attached to them and can’t be read by computers)

If the disc cases aren’t unwrapped, you more than likely can return the discs for an exchange/refund.


Oops…my mistake heh heh heh