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I want you guys to write 1-3 facts nobody knows about you! I also wanna know WHERE MAH NEW ENGLAND HOMIES AT!!!


1- I’ve been doing Choir for almost 7 years, 2- i arrange alot on my free time , 3- I have to wear high heels during choir concerts because im so short (im 17 years old!) And im from New Englandddddd

  1. My first curse word was said in the Walmart meat section…it was “holy $#!^”
  2. I used to think toothpaste was an acceptable substitute for glue
  3. One of my worst fears is sleep. Although rather unusual, I only like sleeping during the daytime and it’s hard for me to sleep at night (as long as I sleep from 4-8pm and 4-6am, I get adequate rest)
  4. I’m terrible at counting
  5. I’m terrible at writing facts about myself
  6. I’m terrible at coming to a conclusion
  7. I’m terrible at trying to lie
  8. I’m terrible at conclusions
  9. Pot…
  10. …ato

  1. i have synesthesia
  2. i’m writing an album
  3. i’m a big rock fan although i look like an indie fan


I’m Asian and was adopted!!!




1-I’m awesome
2-Pentatonix is awesome
3-You are awesome

  1. I’m far older than I appear.
    2.I’m far younger than I feel.
  2. This life isn’t “My first rodeo”.
    …and I live in Franklin, Maine.


1 - I can sing, play Piano and Guitar. I’m a musical nerd :stuck_out_tongue:
2 - I dislike K-Pop (but everyone keep talking about it in front of me)
3 - I have a lot of internet friends


I enjoy J-Pop more than K-Pop, primarily because of how technical it sounds (Kyary Kyary Pamyu is a prime example)

  1. I’m working on becoming a lyricist.

  2. People mistake me for 13 or 15 (I turn 20 in June).

  3. Sometimes I just need to tune out the world.

  1. well i want to become an actor or just making movies or something
    2.i’m scared of the future and what really is at the bottom of the ocean
  2. i want to move to america