Celebrity Impressions


Can any of y’all do impressions of any celebrities? I’m really good at impersonating Kirstie, Shakira, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Mel B, and Demi Lovato. I really want to know if you guys are good at impressions!!!


I can do Shakira, Ariana Grande, and Daya. I think I can do more, but unsure.


Does stitch count as a celebrity cause I could do him.


Yes queen!!!


Lol, I don’t think so, I can too though.




I can do a solid Stitch and an almost solid Darth Vader.


You can do anything between these to little amazing characters < >, which will leave it with empty space!!


Kinda silly but I can do almost antpy sterotypical gay male. Weird but it’s true! Probs because I watch SOOOO many gaytubers and in general. Whoops…


Same :grin:


I can kind of do Melanie Martinez (singing and talking), Issa (twaimz), Pikachu (if they count), Drowzee, Clefairy, I can impersonate Kevin (lol), a really bad Shakira, an okay Ariana Grande, Scott’ s impression of Kanye West talking, sort of, I can sound exactly like cats, people have mistaken me randomly meowing as a cat, sooo… Wyatt??


Maybe it’s because I’m a teenage girl and am sassy/sarcastic a lot and super girly! Ahahaha


i can do Mitch in the whisper challenge thing when hes talking with the headphones.


i can do the Bretman Rock laugh thing… does that count?


Pretty much me too haha (except just quieter lol)


i can do a good impression of Mitch’s impression of Rachel McAdams’ audition tape for The Notebook


Oh yeah I forgot I could do Donald Duck, pikachu, and jar jar Binks.


Ok so I can impersonate- Charlie XCX, Mitch Grassi, Bindi from Australia, any girl from Marvel, and people from New Jeresy😂


And Twaimz, and Melanie Martinez


Wait wait wait Donald Duck??? How???