Celeste and Angel


So, Hector and I were casually talking about if we were to have a family, which led to asking about our future kids’ names.

I, at first, wanted our girl’s name to either be after my sister, Gizelle, or for her to have my middle name, Rose.

But, then, I thought of the name Celeste. It’s a name that’s of French origin but means ‘heavenly’ in Latin. I think it’s beautiful and Hector agrees.

Now, we were at first, stumped on the boy’s name. I (being the religious one) wanted to name him after some of the books of the Bible (Matthew, Mark, Luke, etc.), but then I thought of something else.

The name Angel really resonated with me. Because of what recently happened to me.

When I told my Mom that I defended myself, she said, “You might as well have had an angel wrapping its wings around you.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but what I gathered from that… Angels symbolize protection and safety.

When Hector and I decide to have this family, I would want my future son to know that he would have a duty to protect either me or his future sister. Not just when his father isn’t around.

This is all just me gushing about having a future family, y’all. Just my thoughts on it.