Christmas/Anniversary Gift from Hector


Yesterday, Dec. 26th, was Hector’s and my two-year anniversary. I spent Christmas with his family and some of his cousins in Victorville. He gifted me this ring, along with a heartfelt letter.

I told him, “If you went all-out on something as simple as our two-year anniversary, it only makes me think what you have in store for when you decide to propose…”

Don’t know if you guys are getting sick of me posting about my relationship all the time, but… y’all are my family. It’s obvious I’d wanna share these special moments with everyone.

That’s all for now. Till next time!


That is awesome! So happy for y’all. Of course now Hector is completely stressed out because he thinks that every gift has to top the last one. :joy:

Thank you much for the updates. I hope you will keep us up to date.


Oh my gosh!! You totally gotta keep updating us! Y’all are so cute :purple_heart::heart_eyes_cat::sob::two_hearts::kissing_heart::blush:.