College Life Weekly Update


I’m going to use this post to do a weekly update on my college life!

Sept. 18-21:
I missed class on Monday because I couldn’t get a ride. I only have one class on Monday, so I didn’t miss much. Today on Tuesday, I couldn’t get a ride, but then my grandpa took me at the last minute! I got to class with 10 minutes to spare :relieved: I got my rough draft back for my essay in English class, and the teacher LOVED it! She didn’t correct anything in the paper itself, she just helped me with the MLA format. Wednesday, I got to meet the campus therapy dogs! I loved them so much! There were 4 of them! Then, I had dinner with my new friend Joy, then met up with her after my math class at board game club! I was greeted very warmly by all the other members!

Sept. 25-28:
Monday was pretty uneventful. I only have one class on Mondays, so once that’s over, I just go home and do homework or whatever. Today on Tuesday, I got to sit with my friends Joy and Patrick at dinner. We talked about a lot of funny stuff. Tomorrow, I have to give a 15 minute presentation, and I am terrified. :worried: I HATE giving presentations. Then, tomorrow night, I’m meeting Joy at Tabletop club to play games. I’m so excited for that! I got my Biology test back, and I did not do very well… :sweat: Oh well, it was our first test anyway… I did my presentation today on Wednesday, and it went pretty well! I was a little nervous, but my teacher liked it! I didn’t do bad at all! Tabletop club was SO FUN last night! We were all yelling and laughing the whole time! My throat kinda hurts because I was laughing so hard!

Oct. 2-5:
Monday’s class was cancelled, so I didn’t have to do anything. Today on Tuesday, I got to eat dinner with my friend, Joy. Then, after we ate, we went up to the lounge and played cards! Tomorrow, my morning class is cancelled, so I don’t have to go into class until 2:40! Then, on Thursday, my twin sister is coming home for the weekend! I miss her so much! I picked up my beloved sister Thursday night, and we ran and hugged each other like in the movies! We had an amazing weekend together!

Oct. 9-12:
Monday, I dropped my sister off at the train station and went to my class. I was pretty down the rest of the day. I went shopping with my grandma for Halloween decorations for my party I’m having! I’m super excited about it! Later Monday night, I wrote an entire 5 page essay! It was tiring! :sleeping: Tuesday morning, I did my entire Chemistry lab report! I hope I did well! Then, this evening in my biology lecture class, we took a test. It was very difficult… :frowning_face: I just hope my guessing skills are on point! Wednesday, I went to tabletop and played a super fun card game! Thursday, my writing class was cancelled, so I hung out with my friends and got some dinner! Then I had a midterm in Bio lab. I hope I do well…

Oct. 16-19:
Monday after class, I went shopping with my pap. We went to a lot of stores. Tuesday, I went to dinner with my friends Joy, Jake, and Patrick. We sat and talked for a long time. Wednesday, they’re bringing in the therapy dogs for us to visit! I can’t wait to see them again! This week has been pretty uneventful… Saturday, I went up to Philly to visit my twin sister! We had a great time!

Oct. 23-26:
Monday was pretty uneventful. I talked to my friend Joy earlier in the morning! I’m having a Halloween party this Saturday, and I’m super pumped! Tuesday, my writing class was canceled, so I went up to the lounge and hung out with my friends. Other than that, my day was pretty boring… Wednesday and Thursday were also pretty quiet. My Halloween party was awesome, except the dog I was watching pooped on the floor and ruined the carpet! :cry:

Oct: 30- Nov. 2:
Monday after class, I took a really long nap and did nothing. Tuesday was Halloween, so I dressed in a skeleton shirt for school! I got to hang out with my friends from 2:30 till 6:00! It was awesome! Wednesday, the campus therapy dogs are coming back for another visit! I love the doggos!!!

So everything has been going pretty smoothly and the same, so I will now only update if something big happens!


I always imagine college life as a fun time