Did Kirstin get "Lip Fillers"?


I am really confused when I saw her before and after pics… She has lot difference just in 2015 to 2016…

2015-2017 pictures

Many of them say it’s makeup… but sometimes her lips look full even without makeup…

Confused :confused::thinking:



Thank you :blush:


No problem. Sorry I just remembered us having a discussion about it before and figured it was easier to link it to you than have it all rehashed.


Oh… I really didn’t remember it… :confused:


Sorry it was way back in December. You weren’t involved in it. I just meant that it had happened on the site before so I figured it was easier to share the old topic. Most of the super active people gave their opinions then.


Ohhk… It’s alright :blush:


I don’t believe that she has lip fillers. It’s most likely makeup, the way she positions her mouth for pictures. There’s just a lot that she could be doing, other than lip fillers, to make her lips look more full. But that’s just my opinion.


looking at her now, as someone who has done a lot of research into cosmetic surgery, i think it’s very safe to say she recently has. that’s not a bad thing!


It’s not a bad thing, but i just hate that a lot of people will judge her for doing something for her.


the amount of stigma around plastic surgery is disgusting, especially considering that a lot of today’s ideals can’t be achieved without it. i don’t view it as a bad thing at all and i think she’s incredibly beautiful either way. if it makes her happy, that’s all that really matters.


I don’t view it as a bad thing too… my past self (2 years ago) was just confused with transformation (in a good way tho)… it’s just I was happy she’s more confident now! :slightly_smiling_face:


I know nothing of cosmetic surgery and frankly I didn’t really pay attention to Kirstin’s lips unless it was to see what color she has them. But, if she did get fillers, good for her! That takes a lot of confidence and pride to do. I think she’s beautiful regardless.