Disney princesses in wreck-it ralph 2


in disney’s new wreck-it ralph sequel vanellope meets all 14 disney Princesses.
i loved it so much! if you have seen the movie or watched the clip please tell me what you think.


Merida - she’s from the other studio. :joy:


:joy:omg i died at that part! :joy:
jasmine: do you have daddy issues?
vannelope: i don’t even have a mom!
70% of all the princesses: neither do we!


The Disney Princesses are literally my sister’s favorite part of the movie. She couldn’t resist showing me this video.


Is it good or bad that I pre-ordered the film on iTunes halfway through?

(PLEASE tell me you saw the endings before and after the credits)


yes i saw it. i got really pissed when they stopped the frozen 2 sneak peek


There’s a 2nd one? WHY


Oh she’s pissed for some other reason :eyes:


There’s no reason for a second one!