Does anyone remember Crashbox?

The nostalgia is with me this month sheesh
Crashbox is an educational show aimed for elementary school students to assist with cognitive learning by combining real-world situations with school subjects. All of the games were managed, built, and operated by robots inside a rustic factory (which is inside the Crashbox computer found in the show's intro and credits roll). I have heard that the show gave people anxiety (from all the weird stuff going on).

The show aired primarily on HBO from 1999-2001 but reruns are played DAILY (for an 18-year-old show) and all episodes are on HBO Now or HBO GO.

Here’s a few examples of the segments:

Revolting Slob: Vocabulary and spelling. You have to guess the correct word involving various scenes with Mr. Slob and the narrator. He explodes at the end of his segments.

Distraction News (with Dora Smarmy): education knowledge check. Smarmey educates you on a certain topic while distracting elements are placed throughout the scene, followed by a 4-5 question knowledge check.

Think Tank: Similarity of objects. Captain Bob shows you three things in his fish tank, and you have to guess how they are related. For example, a car, a computer, and the stock market are all things that can crash. The scenes ends after 2 rounds.

Ten 2nds: Visual puns. Various visual puns are displayed on the screen, and you have 10 seconds to guess the meaning of each one. Example: a flat tire will show the word “tire” vertically compressed. The game lasts 5 rounds.

Poop or Scoop: Animal fact or fiction challenge in a mechanical carnival-like setting. An animal fact is told to the viewers, but the “fact” may be wrong or right. If the “fact” is wrong, you would vote Poop. If the fact is true, you would vote Scoop. The announcer would then tell you the real fact (if Poop), or elaborate on the real fact (if Scoop). The game lasted 4 rounds.

Psycho Math (hosted by Prof. Rocket): Picture-based mathematics in a fast-paced high energy environment. Viewers are shown 3 pictures indicating a certain number (Ex: the number of feet in a yard, the number of innings in a baseball game, etc) and you calculate the answer of the numbers. The game lasted for 3 rounds.

Dirty Pictures: Historical figure guessing game. A man covered in cobwebs (titled “Old Fossil”) holds up fact cards containing a quote, event, or date they were heavily involved in. After each card is presented, the cleaning lady dusts off parts of the painting, and fully reveals the subject in the painting. This game lasts a while, so there is only 1 round.

Eddie Bull: Animal guessing game. Eddie Bull (“edible” pun) visits the Washington Zoo each scene, but is instantly eaten by a random animal. While navigating the animal’s digestive system, Eddie tells you 4 facts about the animal that ate him, then he reveals the animal at the end of the game. Lasts one round.

Captain Bones: Testing the arrangement of objects. Bones is a sea captain who has been dead for many years, and the only thing keeping him sane is arrangements of his bones, which you have to solve. Example: 1+1=6 is not a correct math problem, but if you move one of his bones, the problem will be correct (which the answer is 7-1=6). Imagine a calculator screen’s numbers in this game. The game lasts 2-3 rounds.

Radio Scramble: Word scrambling. Host of KBOX (KrashBOX) radio, Jumpin’ Johnny Jumble (rearranged to Jelbum and Mebulj in each game) plays fictional songs from oddly-named artists about common terms, though the key word of each song is sung scrambled. The song’s lyrics should give context clues on to what the word should be, then he reveals it at the end of each song. May accompany a normal radio segment with the same objective. The game lasts 2-3 rounds.

Like Totally Paige And Sage: picture similarity challenge. Paige & Sage are twin sisters (Barbie dolls) who do the same thing, but with different things in each picture. Two pictures are displayed side-by-side for 60 seconds and you have to find all the differences. Lasts one round. Oh…and did I mention the game’s music is a weird 2000’s girl term remix?

Riddlesnake: Riddles. The Riddlesnake, along with a female narrator (with a thick lovely Moroccan accent) reads a riddle to the viewers. The riddle is answered after 15 seconds by the Riddlesnake charmer (hiding in a basket) and the game ends.

Haunted House Party: Historical figure guessing game. Although very similar to Dirty Pictures, this game usually focuses on a dead figure, and he talks with other house-guests about famous occurrences with the character. The figure is then revealed at the end of the game. Lasts one round.

There’s more, but this is a list of all of the games I could accurately tell you. Some games are confusing and will go right over kids’ heads. (Sketch Pad had this. How can you not be a U.S. Citizen, but still be born in Boston, MA? If you were born in 1720.)


Oh my God I thought I was the only one who remembered this! I grew up on this show and it freaked me out beyond belief; especially the “Haunted House Party” segment. Everything about the show itself is unsettling, who thought it’d be a good idea for a children’s show?




how did i never see this post TT i used to be addicted to this show lmao i love/d it