Educational System in the United States


This topic has me thinking twice about school. I personally think that school tend to stuff you with information for a test then end up spiting it out on a test and not really care about our gifts and abilities on what we like to do on our free time. I think that schools should show interest on our gifts and abilities because let’s be honest we only care about what we want to be or accomplish in life including doing what we love as a career. Should the educational system change?


i’m in australia, but i think that schools should really cater more to the individual personalities of students


same school as charlie, but like, when the teachers teach us, they just expect us to memorise the content and then just spit it out in the exam…we end up not really understanding the content and stuff…and if your memory skills are bad like mine, well, be prepared to fail the exams…


Which is true because sometimes I don’t even remember what I’ve have learned in the last time that I was even in the classroom. I still don’t understand the fact that our teacher wouldn’t let us learn what we want to learn so, we can turn it into a career of our choice.


Ok so forewarning I’m in school to be a teacher so my opinion may be a little biased…

Teaching to everyone’s interests really wouldn’t be 100% possible. One teacher is responsible for 20+ kids there’s no way to cater to every single ones wants. There are a lot of basic things every one needs to know regardless of what they want to do in life. When you get to high school, you get a little more independent. There are classes there for specific careers but it still wouldn’t be possible to hit everyone’s career goals


yeah, that’s a really good point and i think most schools do try to cater to kid’s needs but it can be hard teaching so many people so much


That’s true, I think your right about the situation with have many students wanting to learn that subject including the student to teacher ratio. Schools wouldn’t want students only learning one subject for the whole school year. Thank you for your opinion.


Yes it should! I feel like we only learn things because they’re “going to be on the test” and not because they’re going to help us later in life. I don’t think we should get rid of classes, but I think schools should give us more of a choice of what classes to take. School should also provide a life class that teaches you stuff like making your bed or balancing a paycheck.


Thank you @Pentaholic1 for your opinion and I think we as students pressure ourselves to get good grades and living up to our parents dream also living up to society’s way of life and not learn what we want to learn including distancing ourselves from our dreams. They tell us that school is preparing us for the future but, I think it’s not doing that because the world is changing and school is keeping us in a bubble so, we can’t explore life around us.


I like the concept of this topic, @Ptxlover5. It gives everyone an opportunity to show their views on an open topic. Awesome idea!

I’m with you on the fact that they stuff us to a point that is ridiculous. I understand the core classes and why we would need them, but I don’t think it’s necessary to continue to expand. You know, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, Calculus etc.

I wish they were to go more in-depth with each student individually to showcase their abilities and get them into classes that will prepare them for what they plan on doing in the future, but also adding on to @Katief1107, I can understand how that would be difficult and more complex.

In order to address individual students with their talents and abilities, that would require either more teachers and counselors, or less students and more schools. Either way, there would be a conflict. But, it does get better in college as you have more of a choice and variety.

Sorry for the essay :joy:. I just like contributing to conversations like this.


@MonaysMontage Thank you for your opinion about this topic and have a nice day. I’m sorry for not saying much but I will later today and again thank you for your time and support that you bring into KC.