Famously Hot South Carolina Pride 2019


So, I’m very tempted to type this whole topic in caps because I’m so damn excited. But, I’m just going to say this in all caps: MY MOM APPROVES OF MY GIRLFRIEND AND SHE’S TAKING US TO PRIDE!!!

Now let me explain what led up to all of this.

On Wednesday January 30th, I asked out this beautiful girl named Erin and she said yes. On Friday after school, we spent over two hours on the phone and we both were having an amazing time. I got to fall asleep talking to her. Yesterday, my mom and I went to the store and I asked her if I could buy my “friend” something for Valentine’s Day. My excuse was that she never had anyone to spend Valentine’s Day with so I wanted to make it special for her as a friend.

I got her some Hershey kisses, a fake rose, a card, and I’m also buying her a singing telegram (our honors chorus is collecting three dollars and will sing a passage of a song of your choice to your significant other). Last night after we got home, I just had this strong urge to tell my mom about Erin.

I texted Erin saying I’m going to tell my mom that we like each other and we aren’t exactly dating and she said okay. So I went into my mom’s room and turned down her TV and asked her if we could talk about something serious. She said yes and asked what was up. I said that the friend I got the stuff for has been my friend since the beginning of the school year and that me and her are really close. My mom was nodding her head so I continued. I told her that we liked each other and she said okay. And I added more than friends, and she said okay.

I was confused. I honestly did not believe that would be the response that I would get. I said “you’re okay with it?” And she responded with “as long as you’re happy and Yhealthy I’m completely fine with it” and I squealed like a little girl. I called my girlfriend and I told her she was on speaker. I said I’m sitting in front of my mom. She said hi and so did my mom. I told Erin that my mom approves of us and that she wants us to be happy. I then spent about three hours on the phone with her when the topic of Pride came up

I asked my mom if she would take us and she said she would be more than happy to. So on Friday, October 4th, My girlfriend and I will be going to our very first pride together.


aw yay! sis that’s so amazing and i’m really happy for you


Awww! Your mom rocks. And I’m thrilled to see you so happy and in love again. A kiss to you and Erin. :kissing_smiling_eyes::two_hearts:



We might be going to Pride in New Orlenes! Erin said she is going to spend a month with her aunt during the summer, and she said their Pride would be amazing. So, we might be going there. New place and experience!