Favorite Disney Princess?👑


I was never a big Disney Princess fan until the late 00’s, and I’m still not too big on some of the older ones. However, I think I would say my favorite is Moana (you can tell lmbo), followed by Tiana and Elena (of avalor) :blush:
Have you ever met any of the princesses at the Disney parks? I didn’t really ~do~ character m&g’s until just recently. I do them more often now and it’s fun :blush:
You can post your pics here if you want, helps me feel like my post wasn’t a flop lol


Cinderella has always been my favorite. This picture is from 2 years ago.


I wanna see Moana so bad > - <

My absolute favorite is Mulan :dagger::dragon: :two_hearts: but I also really love Jasmine and Belle~~

never got pictures with them lol


Moana is an AMAZING film. Bring tissues :joy:If you go back to Disney, you can find all three in epcot. Mulan in china, Belle in france and Jasmine in Morocco :blush: Belle and Jasmine are both at magic kingdom too. Haven’t personally seen them though


I’ve watched the disney’s too many times for my own good and have seen Moana in the cinema. My all time favourite is lilo and stitch but Moana has become my second favourite. I love it.
I have also had the luxury of going to Disney land Paris twice when I was little and I will be going back there in Jully during my tour of Paris with my school music department.


Oooh have fun! Disneyland Paris is one of my must-do’s, I’ve wanted to go since like, forever :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I went to Disneyland last year by myself! First time I’ve been in many, many years. Of course I saw all of them lol. I even saw Anna and Elsa 5 times! I was hoping to get a specific “friend” who knows Anna as she seemed to be really bubbly, and leading conversations. I didn’t, however I’m pleased with my experiences with them.

Evil Queen kept remembering me each time I went there - 10 days - and when she’d see me! She also knew what Descendants was lol. Pretty impressive.


i think Belle and Rapunzel are my favorite


or maybe Meg from Hercules but she’s not a princess


My fav is Cinderella but I’ve never been to a Disney park :slight_smile:


Ariel is my favorite. I haven’t been to any of the Disney parks unfortunately.


Do you have any pics of the Evil Queen? I’ve heard some of her poses are hilarious :joy:
I saw Anna and Elsa when I went to Disneyland as well and it was cool bc they’re still together over there (in WDW you meet them separately)
My favorite Disneyland character meet was probably captain America though :heart_eyes:


Oh and also Kirstin. you might’ve heard of her she’s kinda an Underrated one imo she’s like post Disney Renaissance, pre Modern Disney Renaissance


She’s my absolute favorite Disney princess how in the world did I forget her??


My favorite disney princesses are Rapunzel (I’m obsessed with the movie) and Belle (people used to call me that because I love to read lol). And Kirstin of course!!! :sparkles:

I have no pics with them though


When I was younger I was obsessed with Ariel, Jasmine & Sleeping Beauty!


oh yeah kirstin is my favorite princess too


I LOVE Snow White! She’s always been my favorite!


I like all of them I’ve been to Disney world but not disney land


1 elsa (i know frozen is very overrated but i love elsa. she is beautiful, has an amazing voice and she loves anna no matter what, wich reminds me of how much i love my sister sylke aka ptx.syl)
2 ariel
3 belle
4 pocahontas
5 mulan