Finally Getting Somewhere


A few hours ago, Hector and I were driving back to his place from the Subway across the street.

Sorry for the horrible quality of the photo, but this is the man that groped me five months ago. Hector and I were in his car when I saw this man. He was just hanging around outside the Sepulveda Laundromat. From what I could see through the car window, he kept approaching women.

I didn’t have to get a good enough look at his face to know, because that instance, the fear, and just that rush of anxiety… it all hit me so hard. I knew it was him.

Hector parked somewhere on the other side of the street. We crossed to the other side to meet with a few officers that dispatched.

During that time, the man had nonchalantly followed a woman into a building.

Gave the police my general information, and they have a warrant out for this man’s arrest.

Now, all that’s left is to pray they find him.


wow. i’m so proud of you. in a situation as anxious as that, you thought about others and kept a relatively cool head, and now you’ve helped the police. i’m proud of you hun


That was amazing. You did great. Hopefully now the police will be able to find him quickly.


This is great. You’re saving so many other women and handled yourself so well. Hopefully the police will get him. Praying.