Frozen 2 teaser!


finally the first teaser trailer for Frozen 2!
if you loved this movie as much as i did, then you are gonna love this trailer
please tell me what you thought.


I’m gonna see if my girlfriend would watch it with me before I watch it by myself.

I heard there was a big debate on making Elsa LGBT. I don’t think that would ever happen, honestly. As sad as it is, a lot of parents would flip out because they don’t want there child “to turn out like that”. I personally would’ve loved it.


i know! i think that would be awsome! also Anna looks SOO good with that hair!!


Apparently the director confirmed Elsa will have a girlfriend!!!


I love it soooo much!! I loved the first movie a lot, and I’m even more excited for this one. My theory at the moment is that it’s gonna be something based around the seasons, & that one girl we saw in the trailer could have autumn powers/wind powers. I’m excited for the new looks for Elsa & Anna as well!


Welcome back Stephanie! We missed you!


I know! Anna looks so beautiful and grown-up.
What did you think of the new version of The Vuelie that you hear in the trailer?


it’s a lot more musically complex than the one in the original movie…i think thats pretty cool that its been composed like that cos idk it could be like symbolising more complex stuff that happens in the second movie???


I know it would be so cool if the movie really has more action.


the vuelie in the first film sounds pretty regal and kinda more elegant and magical??? whereas the new version is a bit more adventurous, free and more musically complex too…