GAME: This or that PTX!



Just like it says, let’s play this or that PTX version! You can use anything that has to do with PTX, songs, concerts, pictures, gifs etc!

So I’ll go first, then whoever responds first answers mine then makes their own for the next person!

Na Na Na or Can’t sleep love?


cant sleep love

Mirstie or Scirstie?



Light in the Hallway or Standing By?


Can’t sleep love.


2nd one (superfrown)

PTX covers or PTX originals?


PTX originals, speaking of which…

Standing By or Light in the Hallway?


Standing by
VIP meet and greet or singing on stage with them for misbehavin’


Meet and greet.
“Sl*y” or “Kermit, you go second!!!”


“Kermit you go second!!”

Water or Rather Be?


Papaoutai or Say something


say something

mitch with glasses or kirstie with glasses


Say Something

Mitch bald or Mitch with goatee?


Mitch bald and Kirstie with glasses

Scott’s scruff or no scruff


scott with scruff

la la latch or problem


La la latch

Avi with beanie or without beanie


Avi definitely with beanie!

OMWH or If I ever fall in love?


OMWH for sure!

Daft Punk or Love Again


Love Again

Valentine or Rose Gold?


Daft Punk so much!

Cruisin for a bruisin or Let it go? (I had to :laughing:)


let it go

evolution of MJ or evolution of beyonce?