GAME: This or that PTX!


show you how to love

anti medley or Beyoncé?



Pretty hurts or Halo?



Being able to hear all of PTX’s songs a week before their released, but have to buy them for the original price, or wait 2 weeks after the song has come out and get it for free.


Ptx related?


Being able to here of them a week before they release.



No Beyonce related


lol, this is this or that PTX edition.


Oh. My bad!! :joy: lol


But ptx likes Beyonce so it is ptx related. :slight_smile:


true… very true indeed…


First one (so adorable without noses)

Interviewer: "What are you’re go to Dance Moves"
Kevin “I just let my body do things” or Avi “Hip Rotation. My Hips don’t lie”



A fun, upbeat, catchy song?!


A more deep, meaningful, beautiful song?!


A deep meaningful song

Pentatonix ET performance, or Pentatonix Love Lockdown


What’s Pentagon is? :joy:


shhh. she’s speaking conspiracy theory. illuminati. let her speak. she may be on to something…


Autocorrect is being so mean to me :joy:


ET Performance

Video Killed the Radio Star or Dog Days are Over


Dog Days

Avi’s solo/part during "Take Me To The River?


Avi’s low note during "Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy?


Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

If I Ever Fall in Love or Jolene?


I literally can’t choose. I love both of them but… I go for jolene


Or this