GAME: This or that PTX!


It’s on YouTube though.


Superfruit’s periscope

Collar with Dolly Parton or Jason Derulo


…just gonna…


Thanks I knew it would be on there just hadn’t had time to look for it yet.


OMG CUTE IM SCREAMING!!! Send me the pictures???




w/ Dolly Parton.

Avi w/ hair up or down? (I don’t know if this question has been done already, if it has, dear person who came up w/ this question, i’m really sorry!


Up in his swaggy man bun

Dragons or sphinx cats?


Sphynx cats…

Can’t Sleep Love or If I Ever Fall in Love?


Can’t sleep love
True colors or fan art poster?


True colors
Me and Scott’s wedding or Kirstie and Jeremy’s wedding :joy::joy:


You and Scott!! :joy::heart:

Kirstie with long or short hair?



A fire breathing koala or a eucalyptus drugged dragon.


I just check this last topic before I go to bed and read this :joy:


Definitely a eucalyptus drugged dragon!

Okay @MonaysMontage Scott’s butterfly jacket

Or his tiger shirt

Choose carefully :wink:


Damnit :joy:


Can’t sleep love

Mitch bald or Mitch with hair


i thought I actually made a response to this :joy: but I’m going to say butterfly jacket.

Mitch eyebrowless or scott actually having eyebrows?


Mitch eyebrowless. Scott with eyebrows would just be weird.

Avi with purple hair or Kevin with purple hair


Kevin with purple hair.

Love Again official video or Daft Punk official video.