GAME: This or that PTX!


The dress that killed us all


Idk tbh I only saw it bc u tweeted it :joy:


Mitch’s purple hair

The Christmas Sing-Along or Good To Be Bad


Omg Good to Be Bad

Us The Duo or Abi


Us the Duo!! Love them!
Kirstie or Mitch’s Halloween costume?


Kirstie’s :cat:

Jolene with Dolly Parton or Jolene with Jennifer Nettles?


Jolene with Dolly Parton

If I Ever Fall In Love or Jolene (on tour)



Natural Disaster or Ref for a video.


natural disater.

dogo or cato?? (idekay…)


(i feel like someday we’re going to run out of ideas and turn this into a regular this or that game)


@MusicalPanda123 :smile: I don’t mind if that happens. Keep it clean tho :heart: :kissing_heart:



we will. :smile:


yOu KnOw Us. NoT cOrRuPt At AlL. :thumbsup:


cato :slight_smile:
he he from the hunger games…
A Pentatonix Christmas or That’s Christmas To Me?
(the albums)


That’s Christmas to Me

green beans or beans beans?


arent these supposed to be about ptx? i mean i dont have a problem with your question. you do you. but i thought…:joy:


green beans

Bad 4 Us or Sweet Life?


Bad 4 Us

Hallelujah or That’s Christmas To Me



That’s a hard one @The_Pentaholicz

What about PTXmas or That’s Christmas to Me(album)