GAME: This or that PTX!


Kirst in Rather Be

(idekay if this has been asked bafore, but…) Superfruit Tuesdays or Kirstin’s Wednesday Blogs?



Bad 4 Us or Sweet Life


bad 4 us

beyonce medley or evolution of beyonce


Evolution of Beyoncé
Evolution of Beyoncé or Miley.


Evolution of Beyonce
Which is more inspirational
K.O Corner or Avi’s tweets?


KO Corner

Kirstin with or without makeup


Yes! Ok that wasn’t an answer but honestly that’s an impossible choice.
Silent night or Mary did you know? (Idk somehow YouTube is playing me Christmas music and that’s my current and up next)


Mary, Did You know

White Winter Hymnal or Carol of the Bells


White Winter Hymnal

Kirstin’s kastr or Scott’s


kirstin’s kastr

periscope or


Periscope. I like the lack of coins so everyone has the same chance.

Kastr or periscope.


Na Na Na.
Scomiche or Scirstie



La La Land Medley or Stranger Fruit


Stranger fruit!

Kirstie with an undercut or her hair now?


Her hair now. wasn’t the biggest fan of the undercut.

Scott’s bass in Hallelujah or Kirstin’s high note in Rather Be?


Scott’s bass
Kirstin’s solo in good to be bad or coldest winter?


Coldest winter.
Kirstie blonde or grey?



Sconay or Scomiche???


kirstin’s solo in hallelujah or mitch’s ?


That’s so hard!! I’m going to say…Kirstie’s.

Scott’s solo in hallelujah or Avi’s??