GAME: This or that PTX!


Avi’s beard or mitch’s bald head?


Avi’s beard

LA LA Land medley or Frozen medley?


Frozen Medley

Evolution of Music or Evolution of Michael Jackson


La la land or Miley?


la la land

scott or avi in a flannel


Avi in a flannel

Scomiche kiss or jerstie kiss?


scott’s eyebrows or avi’s beard ?


Avis beard
Scott & Mario lost on you or superfruit & friends rise.



Disney Medley or Defying Gravity


disney medley

kirstin solo music or avi solo music (which are you most excited for)


What kind of Satanistic question is that??? Both!!!
Scomiche album or Kirstie solo music?


omg!! so hard, probably kirstie’s- because she hasn’t done that much solo stuff yet- SF have bad 4 us and sweet life

Kirstie’s wigs or kirstie’s dyed hair ?


Kirstie’s dyed hair

La La Land medley or Frozen Medley?


hard one! frozen medley i think… but i love both so much :heart:

Natural disaster or Hit the Road Jack/Hey momma


Hit the Road Jack/Hey momma

SF’s collab with Tori Kelly or with Todrick


collab w Todrick!

La La Land or La La Latch


Ooh lala latch
Where are you now or cheerleader?


Where are u now

Kirstie’s new tattoo or Scott’s sleeve?


Scotts Sleeve

Mitch or Scott